Dr. Francesca Cassio
Sardarni Harbans Kaur Chair in Sikh Musicology and Associate Professor of Music at Hofstra University, New York.

Scholar and singer with expertise in Indian music, since 1991 Dr. Cassio has conducted extensive research in India, where she lived and has been professionally trained in classical vocal music and in the Sikh repertoire, according to the Guru-Shishya Parampara (“teacher-student”) tradition.

Author of a book on dhrupad (medieval genre of Indian classical music), Dr. Cassio, in more than twenty years of research, has worked extensively and written about Indian music (Gurbānī sangīt, dhrupad, Rabindra sangīt, thumrī, semi-classical, folk and devotional repertoires), the yoga of sound, music therapy, Gender Studies, intercultural education, ethnomusicology and music pedagogy.




Recital The Words of My Beloved – Hymns from the Sikh Gurus’ Tradition

Dr. Francesca Cassio (Sardarni Harbans Kaur Chair in Sikh Musicology at Hofstra University) will perform traditional hymns from the Sikh Gurus’ repertoire (late 15th - early 18th century) in the medieval dhrupad style. Dr. Cassio will be exceptionally accompanied on pakhawaj by Parminder Singh Bhamra (from the Anad Foundation, India) and on taus by Nirvair Kaur Khalsa. The event celebrates the Sikh Festival of Vaisakhi.

The Words of My Beloved – Hymns from the Sikh Gurus’ Tradition
Wednesday April 9th, 7:30pm
Helene Fortunoff Theatre, Monroe Lecture Center California Avenue, Hofstra South Campus